Our Mission

How to play chess

Don’t know how to play chess? Don’t worry, we have all you need and once you learn the basic rules, you will be able to evaluate your competence in competitions among serious players.

LiveRating Team consists of two online chess books with video lessons included of easy-to-follow chess methods, from beginners to advanced levels. We use artificial intelligence and modern teaching tools to prepare teachers to instruct you.You will learn how to set up a chessboard, how to move the chess pieces: the king, the queen, the rook, the bishop, the knight and the pawn, the notations, the simple checkmating patterns, how to make a strategic plan and how to end the game: checkmate, stalemate, draw.Our system provides personalized online instructions based on your starting level and is constantly adapting to your current level of learning. Moreover, we have free online games like puzzles, mini-games and treasures with chess related clues for beginners and children, chess games for basic, intermediate and master levels. Our learning algorithm gives you immediate feed-back of your mistakes since we have a monitoring system that provides charts and summary statistics that identifies personal strengths and weaknesses. Our system is adapted to your English level, so that people of all countries and starting from the age of 6 will be able to exploit it. Besides, we have chess magazines that can be downloaded for free, where you can find all kinds of information about chess and how to improve your game, and chess t-shirts and other products. It is a compelling yet enjoyable experience that opens your doors to the world of chess.

Online chess tournaments

Once you advance in your career as a chess player, you may be craving to evaluate your abilities in a competition. Therefore, LiveRating Team has an internet platform for online rating tournaments. You will be able to experience real-time games based on your current chess level. So, do you think you have that it takes to become a professional chess player?

Play chess on your mobile phone

In the mood for chess but you have no chessboard? Do not worry! Download our 5-star app for iOS and you can enjoy your chess game on both your iphone and ipad. This app is designed for every chess lover, from beginners to intermediates and professional chess players. You will find out everything from games to free lessons, videos, puzzles, tactics and articles so you can be one of the million people around the world who play chess on this app right in this moment. You can play on your own or challenge people. The game has 10 difficulty levels and gives instructions. It doesn’t matter is you are in your bed waiting to fall asleep, on the bus or sitting on a couch waiting at the dentist, this app will be perfect for you. So, do not hesitate to discover its incredible design and to seriously improve your game. It is time for you to download one of the most effective apps for chess, highly valued by millions of people around the world.With our app, you can become a chess player in a few lunch breaks at the office!

The “chess in schools” project

The “chess in schools” project is a social experiment supported by LiveRating Team in which we encourage schools everywhere in the world to teach chess as a compulsory subject. Chess is one of the best educational tools ever invented by men, since it improves learning, logical thinking, concentration, memory, verbal and social skills and self-confidence. It also teaches young pupils how to take decisions and how to speculate. No wonder that the highest IQs in history mostly belonged to professional chess players. Pupils will increase their mathematical skills since chess requires logical and analytical skills, concentration, emotional intelligence-since you have to understand your opponent and anticipate his next move-, and, of course, self-assurance.

Our program aimed to introduce chess in schools includes well-prepared chess teachers, textbooks for children and teachers, chess sets and demonstration boards, online programs for chess learning, competitions between schools and a research team that will periodically evaluate this project and how chess improves the performance of pupils at different school subjects.