How to become a professional chess player

Start from the basis

Begin by learning how to set up a chessboard, the chess pieces move, how to move the king, queen, rook, bishop, knight and pawn. After that, go to the next level and learn the special rules of chess: how to promote a pawn, how to do “en passant”, how to castle. Then decide who’s going to be white because this is the one who always moves first. The game finishes in two ways: by checkmate or with a draw. But all those things prove pointless until you learn the strategies of chess: how to protect your king, learn the value of your pieces and do not give them away, control the center of your chessboard, use all your chess pieces.

By learning the basis, you will be able to develop a more critical thinking, to have a board vision. Learn how to take initiatives, how to make decisions, how to solve problems and how to escape from challenging situations. Dedicate 15 minutes a day for studying and after that you can play a game. Always check what you did wrong and try to improve your tactics.

How do I get better?

Keep playing and study chess lessons from the internet. Develop a more cerebral gaming, put knowledge at work. After that, chess comes naturally, your sub-conscious brain becomes a chess player.An important thing is, do not be afraid to lose, it is part of the game, you win, you lose, you learn, you have fun.

They say that learning chess takes a lot of time and, after so many years of hard work, we have to agree upon that. Still, our programs and unique approach to teaching chess will bring you closer to your goal if you work hard and if you are dedicated enough.

Intermediate chess players

Even if you are not new in chess, you should take the chess lessons from the Beginner’s section. We will appreciate you current level and get you to another section where you will learn new methods according to your level.

Professional player

Our levels are beginner, intermediate and master. If you have achieved the intermediate player level, we offer you the opportunity to sharpen your skills by playing games and learning new strategies in order to become a GrandMaster.

How we teach very young children chess

There is an imperative thing about chess that many teachers from chess clubs forget about: chess is a game, people should enjoy it! Some teachers give children worksheets, which they hand in for correction, but for our website we have an exclusive method of teaching: by gaming. This is an enjoyable process for children in order to make them eager to learn and make all this troublesome information more accessible. We have chess puzzles,treasure games with chess related clues and mini-games that will turn your experience into an easy and funny game and you will learn without noticing.This is a learning algorithm with immediate feed-back on your mistakes that helps you learn through experience. Children love to play and here, at LiveRating Team, chess becomes a piece of cake. But our lessons are not only for kids, parents should also be involved. We have newsletters to inform them about their children’s progress.