“When you see a good move, look for a better one” said the chess champion Emanuel Lasker. Here, at LiveRation Team, we are looking for the best move. Our goal is to offer you the best online chess learning software at a low price, so that many people around the world could benefit from everything from basic to advanced skills.

LiveRation Team was set up as a small company thatis getting bigger. Using digital technologies that provides the facility to play, discuss and view the board game of chess over the Internet, it enables people around the world to experience the benefits of chess. Moreover, each year we organize and promote competitions among our chess players.

The idea for this website occurred five years ago when members from our team-professional chess players that had triumphed in several tournaments-were giving private lessons for beginners or advanced students. After that we became involved in this innovative project, offering personalized education that enables people around the world to learn everything from basic and professional chess skills, to participate to thisamusing yet demanding experience that will stimulate your brain in so many unexpected ways.

Children, parents, teachers, mathematicians or humanists, amateurs or experienced players-this website supports you. There is no one that shouldn’t benefit from this

We are an approachable team that values people’s opinion and advice, flexible to suggestions on how we may improve our services in order to make your experience worthier. We are eager to interact and upgrade our strategies and our initiatives.

So do not hesitate to join our community since we offer you the most effective online training at a very low price. The beauty and elegance of chess cannot be summed up in words. It is a food your brain should be eating and a challenge your spirit must accept.

One big family

People have always regarded chess as a solitary, independent activity, but here, at LiveRating Team, we want to demonstrate the other way around. Connect with other players and chess coaches from our team. Come up with suggestions and new strategies.

Learn, improve your skills, but also socialize, make friends, discuss whatever issues you have and help others with your experience.