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“Daring ideas are like chessmen moved forward. They may be beaten, but they may start a winning game.” said Goethe. Here, at LiveRating Team, we dare you to make a movement, to win, to learn, to challenge yourself. We are an internet chess club that enables you to play online chess, to watch free instructional chess videos and to read our articles in order to learn and improve your abilities. LiveRation Team currently has over 10,000 subscribing members and is one of the largest pay to play chess server.

Chess is a two-player strategy board game enjoyed by millions of people worldwide. It is played on a chessboard, a checkered gameboard with 64 alternating light and dark squares arranged in eight rows and columns. The columns-called files-are labeled by the letters a toh from white’s left to right. The rows-called ranks-are numbered 1 to 8 from white’s side. Therefore, each square has its own coordinate. This is known as Algebraic notation. Each player takes turns moving their own pieces.

There are 16 chess pieces: one king, one queen, two rooks, two bishops, two knights, eight pawns. The history of chess dates back to the fifth or sixth century AD. It originated in India in its early form known as chaturanga, which translates from Sanskrit as “four branches of the army”: infantry, cavalry, elephantry, chariotry-the ancient Indian military division. The game spread to Persia and, when the Muslims conquered Persia, it was known in Europe. There is a direct connection between the spread of chess.


In spite of the fact that chess rules have suffered different adjustments over time, the object of the game is still the same: to capture the opponent’s king-a move called checkmate. If we were to analyze the word, we will find out that it comes from the Persian word “shah” and “mat” which mean “the kind is dead”. Playing chess on the internet using a software that enables you to find an opponent from all over the world, play and discuss chess, or even watch games played by the great Masters.


During the eighteenth and the nineteenth centuries, chess-mainly an aristocratic pastimeplayed in coffee houses in Europe-became a middle class recreation. It was even named the “royal game” since it first caught the attention of kings and nobility, but also of the mathematicians, scientist and philosophers. There are different forms of playing chess on the internet: by e-mail-a more old fashioned way-, on the internet or on game servers.  For mobile devices-playing chess has never been easier!


After it spread in Europe, chess clubs began to flourish and chess masters were discovered among ordinary people. In 1886 the first World Chess Championship took place and it wasn’t until the mid-1990s that online gaming arose. The World Chess Federation-also known as FIDE-was established in 1924. The software for chess playing also allows you access to Internet Chess Clubs where you will be able to connect to millions of people. Nowadays, there are also chess apps.

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Besides, chess is also a confidence boosting sport, since it involves measuring your individual performance. In many schools from many countries, chess is part of the curriculum. By interviewing many professional chess players we have summed up a few common traits: higher IQ, sightseeing, strong character.

Chess is much more than a game, chess is a lifestyle. It is scientifically proven that children that learn to play chess at a young age are likely to do better in school at both math and reading. By increasing the speed of neural communication, chess powers the concentration, memory, learning and logical thinking. It also improves verbal skills, since it stimulates areas of the brain related to language.

The chess player anticipates different moves in his brain, which helps him think outside the box, make decisions and develop a critical and strategic thinking.One of the less expected benefits of chess is that increases emotional intelligence, by playing with someone and trying to anticipate his next moves and his strategies, it involves psycho-social skills.


To quote Michael Wang, a junior chess player: “Chess helps you focus. When you are a kid, you have the energy bubbling around, but when you are playing chess, you have to channel that energy into focus”. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a neurodevelopmental disease. It is characterized by attention deficiency and an overactive behavior.


Nowadays, the number of children with ADHD is constantly increasing, being a matter of great concern for parents, teachers and doctors. Researchers are focusing of finding out alternative therapies that do not include drug use, like psychological therapy. In patients with ADHD the brain development is being delayed with approximate 3 years.


As playing chess involves some areas of the brain associated with memory, thinking, paying attention and planning.Chess makes you focus on your game and on your partner and because it requires attention it is benefic in cases of ADHD. The idea and the ambition behind our project is that chess should no longer be regarded as an inaccessible.


But a more approachable and delightful pastime for both children and adults, more or less educated. We take great pride in our initiative and are willing to share our idea with the world. Chess is education, chess is art, chess is intellect, chess is power, chess is competition, but above all-chess is life. The benefits of chess in patients with ADHD is the subject.


It is no surprise that chess was named that game of the brainiacs, since famous people like Pascal, Dostoevsky and Napoleon used to play it. But above all, chess is one of the healthier habits, since it prevents diseases like Alzheimer and other forms of dementia, or even depression and anxiety.

Moreover, studies have shown that playing chess is an important part in the rehabilitating process for patients with schizophrenia, patients that are recovering from stroke or children with developmental disabilities or autism. Chess makes you think outside the box since it involves both logic and creativity, it is a competition in which you either win or lose, but you always learn.

Chess requires cognitive abilities, attention, self-confidence and memory, it is one of the most exquisite game, a sport of the mind. Chess makes children willing to solve problems, to think, to understand and get out of their comfort zone. Chess teaches you that life is full of ups and downs, but it almost always offers you another game in which you can win again.

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Essential Tips for Spotting a Fake Louise Vuitton Handbag

Louis Vuitton handbags represent one of the international designer handbags brands that have been in existence since it was initially produced in France in 1854. Louis Vuitton had begun to manufacture these designer handbags in other countries of the world. These countries include Spain, USA, Germany, and Italy. Louis Vuitton, which happens to be one of the most certified brands by a lot of users, has a thorough specification when it comes to the designer Louis Vuitton handbag they make and advertise and one can easily separate it from the fake Louis Vuitton handbags.

If you’re on the search for Louis Vuitton handbags, your first port of call should be the Vuitton website where you can see the products available in details and their specification as well. You should check the color combination and the lining of the material employed by Louis Vuitton for the making of the desired handbags. Louis Vuitton happens to be very particular when it comes to picking color blends for the handbags and the specifics of color you could check on the website.  If you’re able to identify the right color associated with a particular product, then you should be able to know whether the product is genuine or fake.

These designer handbags are accompanied by traditional monograms which are really renowned and Louis Vuitton is really cautious about putting the monogram on the handbags. The monogram could expose the fakeness of a handbag if it’s not properly placed. The monogram that accompanies the handbag is normally symmetric in color and shape.

Louis Vuitton handbags are accompanied by an awesome stitching condition. Louis Vuitton is specific when it comes to stitching and almost similar no. of stitches are employed under the same bags. Louis Vuitton adheres to the stitching pattern for designing handbags and for similar makes the same pattern of monogram attachments and handle attachments is designed. In a real Louis Vuitton handbag, you might not witness any stitching malfunction or patch on either side of the handbag.

Discovering Wireless Routers Review: How to Make the Best Choices

It is very difficult to determine what to purchase amidst a lot of computer-related products. It is more important than ever to examine the products you have interest in. Ensuring that you get the best value and price possible. Buying a wireless router is a major decision and selecting the inappropriate router would mess up your wireless network right from the start. In this kind of situation, going through a first-hand wireless routers review would be of immense assistance to distinguish among not just the different makers but also the different makes of wireless routers too.

Deciding on the Brand

When going through a wireless routers review the most important point to be mindful of is the maker that is being discussed. Several brands of routers are in existence and each functions slightly in a different way. Though each router possesses their own features, the basics associated with the wireless router has to be present, including constant lights or blinking that pointed to the routers’ “power” status and whether it’s getting an internet supply via your internet modem.

Another essential matter when selecting the router brand type is whether it works well with your other hardware. So as to limit the room for network mistakes, an awesome rule of thumb is to employ the same brands of computer hardware for your network setup to eliminate any inconsistencies.

Selecting a Design

You would realize that there are several types of makes that you would read about when selecting the router make for your computer network. It is very important that the router works well with “n” technology or 802.11 “b/g”, and in several situations support all three. Determining the difference between “n” and “b/g” models is quite easy: the newest “n” routers should provide slightly quicker speeds and more efficient performances than what’s obtainable with “b/g” models, but should be backward-compatible with “b/g” wireless devices as well. However, going through a wireless routers review ought to assist you to determine which of these models you must get for your computing needs.

Top 3 Electric Shavers Review for Men

There would have been a time you wanted a smooth, kissable face, you have to opt for a manual razor in addition to a quantity of foam. Luckily, times have changed. The batch of electric razors en vogue works well to leave the skin smoother as they buzz a lot closer. You could even use a lot of new electric razors while in the shower or rinse them, while some are even accompanied by LED screens. Here is the top electric shavers review for men to examine.

Remington R4-5150A Titanium Rotary Shaver

Through the help of this Remington R4 Rotary Shaver that includes Flex and Pivot Technology, you might get a close cum classic shave. The Remington R4 Rotary Shaver has three independent flexing heads making it possible for it to contour towards the jawline and chin. Its pivoting neck also makes it possible for the electric razor to get to areas that could prove tough to shave.

Remington F5-5800A Rechargeable Foil Shaver

This electric shaver is sure to provide you with top quality shaves in minimal passes. Because of the integrated intercept trimmer, you could cut three days’ worth of growth with little or no fuss. Similarly, the contours and angles of your respective face would be seamlessly accompanied by surgical steel foils due to its Flex and Pivot Technology.

Wahl 7060-700 Bump-Free Shaver

This electric shaver is normally an awesome grooming solution that possesses a hypoallergenic gold foil that could turn out to be perfect in the event that you have a volatile skin. The foil also ensures that you have a shave that is free on bump to your head, neck, and face, while its extendable trimmer is able to provide an even precise and even closer shave.

You could operate it from batteries or cord.

If you have decided to make the step up and involve a touch of present-day technology in your shaving pattern, you should, therefore, opt for one of the previously mentioned top electric shavers made for men.

Best Heat Press under $150

Good day there, are you currently hunting for the best cheap heat press machines? It is important you know that it is actually not a tough job, though the most time it actually can be a very tedious task. There are various types that you can select from when shopping for one. The difficult part is that there are many listings. For instance, when you access eBay and Amazon, there is the certainty that you will come across various listings, but also you will find that there are certain brands with their online retail store – among which include heat Press Nation and ProWorld. For our guide on some great pointers on how to choose a heat press seller read here.

At this point, it is only right that we delve into the best heat press under $150. This article will provide with an overview of this machine.

BestEquip 11.5 x 9 Swing-Away Heat Press

On our list of the best heat press in the market, the BestEquip Heat Press is actually the only non-clamshell press. The BestEquip is actually a swing-away style press. An article is centered on the functions and features of the different styles of heat press here.

The BestEquip Heat press is an 11.5 x 9-inch machine, making portable. It is important that you have this in mind if you will be considering the machine. The obvious disadvantage of this choice of heat press is that you will be unable to do the transfer on materials that are larger than the heat platen. You will most definitely experience some form of difficulty when you intend to do the transfer on large sized t-shirts, there will obviously not be enough room for much bunched up material.

Other basic features:

  • Temperature reading and Digital Time
  • 360 oriented swinging arm – This will be of assistance in getting the hot platen out of your way
  • You will be able to press on wood, glass, ceramic, certain metals and fabric garments.

It is important you take note of the fact that this machine is among the list of the most affordable heat press machine.